Good Neighbors: Introducing Jim Ferguson

This is the first installment in our new Good Neighbors series where you can nominate someone in our community who has helped meet a need, inspire, or grow you or our community!

Jim Ferguson is a busy man. He runs a business, helps individuals in the community and has helped jump start a movement by creating the Growers and Maker's Market in Hartford City's downtown area. 

His newest project has been partnering with the county on the large lot between his property and the softball fields where a blight house stood for over 20 years. With the help of Build a Better Blackford, the blight house was torn down. Little by little his vision is coming clearer. "There's good Maple trees left here," he says as he points out the brush and Ash trees that still need to be removed. "Once it's cleared I can put a couple picnic tables up, maybe a grill and a sand pit for families who use these ball fields. He's been working hard tearing out the old, broken 7ft chain link fence bordering his property, "Fences like this belong at places like prisons. They say to keep out, it doesn't belong at a park." When I asked him why he's taking on this work at so much personal cost he said, "Some big guy or the government isn't going to do it for you. If you want something done, you have to be willing to do it yourself." He continued, "Clearing this out increases the value of not just my property but all the homes around here and people won't be passing by such a run down place every time they go to enjoy the park."

It's not just the practicality of the matter that spurs him on. You can see Jim's kindness all around you: his happy dog, birds flocked around feeders, smiling employees, and corn feeders spread out for squirrels. He takes care of those around him, it's just who he is.

If you'd like to help Jim in his efforts, send us a message and we can connect you to the project!