Bob and Sandy Mansfield's Heirloom Tomatoes

Bob and Sandy Mansfield have been growing and selling heirloom tomatoes and peppers for years. Every summer into fall Bob faithfully collects seeds to try and store from each of his varieties.
We asked them for a couple of tomato success growing tips:
-Start with a good starter soil.
-Water your seedlings from the bottom up! They use baby wipe containers with holes in the bottom to water by submersion.
-Whether you use mulch or not doesn't matter as much as planting your tomatoes deep. 
-If you see your larger varieties of tomatoes starting to split, pick them with about 2 inches of stem left intact and place them on the counter out of the sun. They'll continue to ripen without splitting. 

Thanks, Bob and Sandy, for your time and talents! 

If you'd like to finish up your tomato shopping, stop out at their house just off of 500, south of the Jail!