Montpelier Little League Opening Ceremony 2016

The sun shone bright on close to one hundred fifty little league players on Saturday, May7, 2016, for Montpelier Little League’s opening ceremony.  The parking lots were so packed with vehicles that many parked on a nearby side street. It seemed the whole community came out to celebrate the beginning of baseball season.

Each of the twelve current teams lined up around the perimeter of the baseball diamond, waiting for their official introductions to the enthusiastic crowd. Following introductions, an electric guitarist played the national anthem live, rock-n-roll style as all eyes turned to the American flag. Then, Coach Adam Carroll, whose team won the championship last year, threw the first pitch of the season to little league catcher AJ Wright.  After the first pitch, little league players released a mass of red, white, and blue balloons into the air to signify the official start of the season.

Volunteers have worked hard to get the fields and buildings ready for this season, and according to one volunteer, two more teams will be joining the league once the high school baseball season ends.  All four fields will be in use this year as the Hartford City girls’ softball league makes use of one field, also. Townspeople appreciate having a league right here in Montpelier with such dedicated volunteers and coaches as it provides the opportunity for many children to enjoy the great American sport of baseball!