Blackford High School Students team up with Women of Worth

At Blackford High School there’s a team of journalism students, led by Hannah Van Ree, stepping out into the community to help tell the stories of our longest living residents. The creators of the high school newspaper, the Bruin Informer, have teamed up with Women of Worth to create a Bicentennial series as part of our state’s Bicentennial celebration. They will be interviewing 12 long living members of the community about their lives.

Many of the stories will be published in the News Times on a monthly basis. Excitement and an awareness of the larger picture was obvious. When asked how they hoped their stories would affect the community one student said, “I hope that they’ll make a positive impact and raise spirits.” Another student said, “That the stories would bring awareness to what’s going on with students and that people really do care.”

The Bruin Informer’s involvement is just one piece of Indiana’s Bicentennial celebration! There will be a torch relay, legacy projects and living history events right here in our county! We’re excited to be sharing each of these stories and events with you, and letting you know how you can join in! For a statewide list of events full of rich history, visit: