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Blackford County Bicentennial Celebration!

September 28, 2016 Bicentennial Torch Relay


1.     The Torch will be accepted from the Jay County Torch Bearers at the Blackford County Sheriff’s Department with Montpelier Mayor Cathy Bantz giving a speech and then carrying the torch for the first leg of the relay in Blackford County.

2.     The torch will then move along State Road 26 into Hartford City where there will be a speech given by Hartford City Mayor Ben Hodgin on the Court House square.

3.     Also at the Court House will be a community meal served by Richard’s restaurant and music will be provided by a DJ.

4.     The torch will then move to State road 3 and head north to Blackford High School.

5.     There will be a speech given by State Representative Kevin Mahan at Blackford High School.

6.     The Indiana State Museum traveling display bus will also be located at Blackford High School and available for people to tour.

7.     A Time Capsule time capsule will be filled with a variety of items and sealed.  The time capsule will be on permanent display at Blackford High School with an opening date of 2066. 

8.     The Blackford High School Band will play a medley of Indiana songs and refreshments will be available for students and community members.

9.     The torch will leave Blackford High School and head west on 220 North to Grant County where it will handed off to the Grant County Torch Bearers.

10.  There are total of 23 Torch Bearers in Blackford County.